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Clear specializes in providing medical billing services. Let us take the stress and hassle of medical billing out of your hands and allow you to do what you do best: practice medicine and provide high-quality patient care. We have a proven formula to lower your days in A/R. We provide individualized attention to your A/R with access to your information at any time of the day.


Our intent is to work as a partner — not as a vendor — to accomplish your financial and business needs. This manifests itself in many ways. Our technology systems are designed for due diligence compliance. Our management team is devoted to remaining on the cutting edge of new technology and industry changes.


An important benefit of working with us is the level of cooperation and client-focus that is an essential element of our corporate culture. Ask any of our clients and they will all agree. It is rare for someone in our industry to be as dedicated as we are. We have proven that an open approach provides a better understanding of your accounts and goals. A strong relationship between us and our clients is one of the key components to our success.


One of our primary goals is to make your job easier. The clients’ needs come first. We strive for this goal so much that we integrate it into our company culture. Valuable feedback has proven to be the most effective way to validate the quality of our services. This feedback ensures we direct our focus to fulfill each client’s specific needs and requirements.

It's clear that we are ahead of the competition.

Medical Billing Services


From patient demographics to charge entry, payment posting to accounts receivable follow-up, we will provide you with the services you need.


Our web-based software can be accessed anywhere with wifi. By utilizing our user-friendly patient scheduling interface, you can customize schedules for each physician.


If needed, we can make your daily deposits, with funds being deposited directly into your own account.


Mail can be routed to our office allowing all payments and correspondence to be sent there.


You will receive monthly reports such as charges and payments by a physician, A/R aging summary, days in A/R, and much more. We also provide additional services such as accounts receivable clean up and special projects.

no fear of commitment

Regardless of industry, if you are not looking for ways to continually improve the way you do business, somebody else is.


It’s about creating service levels that not only hold our organization accountable but individuals within the organization accountable as well. We will always look for new technologies that will improve efficiencies and our level of service.


We are committed to our own staff to provide education and professional development.

communication is key

During implementation, we will spend as much time as you need to ensure your staff is comfortable with our system. You will decide how information is communicated and how often. We recommend monthly, face-to-face meetings during the first six months to ensure we are meeting expectations. Reporting can be customized based on the needs of your practice.


It is not your responsibility to follow up with us. Sometimes we don’t have answers right away. If so, you will be made aware of this with an established time-frame for a resolution.

The medical billing process

Our ultimate goal is to develop a system and strategy that allows you to focus on what matters most — the treatment of your patients.


Implementation & Software Setup

A customized implementation with specific timelines will be created for you to ensure all tasks are completed before the go-live date. We will install and implement the billing and collections system in your office, including setup, training, data conversion, and ongoing support.



We will work with you and your staff during implementation to help you gain an understanding of the system. Clear will also provide training in the areas of demographics, scheduling, and reporting. We will be present at your office during the go-live date and as needed until you and your staff feel comfortable using the system.


Daily Claims Submissions

This includes electronic claims and paper claims as necessary. Patient statements will be sent out on a weekly basis, based on a 28-day billing cycle.


Payment posting

Payments will be posted daily.


All A/R follow-up

We will follow up on insurance and patient balances, denials, and insurance correspondence.


Monthly and yearly reports

Essential reports will be provided including the A/R aging, A/R aging by payer, days in A/R, and the collection ratio.

From our billing staff to our executive management team, we are committed to providing you a level of service you not only expect but deserve.

Our employees have gained expertise and developed outstanding patient service skills through exceptional training programs and daily development by our management staff. We provide an ongoing commitment to developing our staff regardless of skill level.


We will never collect more money by making an enemy of your patients. We expect our employees to handle your patients with courtesy, tact, and professionalism. You should expect the same.

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