Our exceptional productivity and success rates are due to the positive atmosphere created at Clear. We focus on recognizing employee excellence.

We continually invest in highly trained, professional staff, and top-notch tech, along with other resources that result in our clients receiving award-winning service and the best possible results.

It's clear that we are ahead of the competition.

Collecting unpaid accounts is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Each field has a particular set of characteristics that make it necessary to customize the collection techniques and tools.

It is important that we understand your business so we are able to connect with your customers in a way that produces successful results while maintaining a good relationship.

It's clear that we are ahead of the competition.

Clear has collection solutions tailored to a wide range of industries including...


Clear is the industry leader in Medical Billing strategies and Early Out Programs. If the bill remains unpaid, our bad debt specialists step in to support our efforts to be the one-stop shop for Healthcare Revenue Management.


From banking to credit unions, credit cards to deposit accounts, we have the experience to help lower your loss rates or to help recover some of what has already been charged off.


Whether you need debt collection assistance or a customized call campaign to provide payment reminders, we can develop a program that is best suited for your customers and their communities.


From past due restaurant tax to delinquent false alarm bills to ems charges, we have the ability to service the needs of your taxpayers/voters. With recovery rates well above industry averages, we are your government experts.


We are believers.

We expect a lot from our vendors and to Clear’s credit they have met and delivered on every challenge we’ve presented them. Their marketing department even assisted us in finding a consultant when we began reviewing our own marketing strategy. Clear claims that they will always do what is in the best interest of the client. We are believers.


Service is unmatched.

In our industry, the relationship between debt recovery, and the success of the bottom line is absolutely critical. Clear has been a key component in our debt recovery since 1988. Their expertise coupled with their commitment to exemplary service is unmatched. We are absolutely thrilled with the results.


Partner in our business.

I have had the pleasure of working with Clear for some time now. As our business changes and evolves, Clear has been right there with us, providing suggestions and recommendations to improve our own in-house collection process. It is refreshing to work with a vendor that has the best interest of their client in mind, vs. their own self-interests. We truly consider them a "partner" in our business.


Zero Complaints

We are a busy practice that relies on efficient communication when dealing with our agency. I've worked with other agencies and their level of communication pales in comparison to Clear. The entire staff at Clear is knowledgeable and will bend over backwards to ensure we're getting what we need. They provide online access to our patient accounts and collection results which is extremely helpful. At the click of a mouse, we can update patient records, record a payment, even look at collection results from past years. Combine this with zero patient complaints and an exceptional recovery rate, and it's easy to see why they're our one and only vendor.

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From our front line collectors to our executive management team, we are committed to providing you a level of service you not only expect but deserve.

Our employees have gained expertise and developed outstanding customer service skills through exceptional training programs and daily development by our management staff. We provide an ongoing commitment to developing our staff regardless of skill level.


We will never collect more money by making an enemy of your customers or patients. We expect our employees to handle your customers with courtesy, tact, and professionalism. You should expect the same.

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