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Patient responsibility collections are ever changing. High deductible plans and greater co-insurance responsibility are making patient responsibility collections an increasingly important part of the revenue cycle.

From a revenue cycle management perspective, patient responsibility collections can be time-consuming, expensive to collect, labor intensive, and has ever-changing compliance requirements. Based on information provided by the HFMA, the cost to collect for the most efficient operations is 5% to 8% of cash collected, with some operating at 10% or higher.

Many health systems, hospitals, and practices are now looking at outsourcing their patient responsibility collections to an early out vendor and putting their focus earlier in the revenue cycle. Patient responsibility accounts can be sent anytime during the revenue cycle, but most clients choose to send their accounts as soon as they become the patient’s responsibility.

Clear will customize the process to include the following:

  • Assume the costs directly associated with patient responsibility collections
  • Send statements and letters utilizing HFMA’s Patient Friendly Billing Practices
  • Place outbound customer service calls to your patients
  • Take inbound calls from patients with questions and those wishing to make payment
  • Establish payment plans based on your criteria
  • Assist patients with charity processing

To receive additional information or to receive a free analysis of your current patient responsibility performance, please contact us.

It's clear that we are ahead of the competition.

By utilizing Clear for patient responsibility collections, you can refocus efforts on other areas of the revenue cycle. A newly directed focus will result in improved efficiencies. This will directly correlate to a larger percentage of revenue collected, as well as a higher level of service ultimately being provided to the patient.



Your work is always our top priority. The dollars collected in bad debt will decrease since a lot of the “low-hanging fruit” that was missed is now collected before it becomes delinquent.


We assume the costs associated with patient responsibility collections. Materials, postage, credit card fees, phone calls, staff, and more become our responsibility.


This can have a dramatic impact on the dollars collected combined with providing additional community benefit. Utilizing our Early Out program with Presumptive Charity Scoring (provided as a free service) in our early out environment will put you at the leading edge of innovative health facilities.


We improve your efficiency related to billing and collections, offering the latest in technology and secure system backup. Making the switch saves you both time and money.​ We use state-of-the-art technology so we can make more contact attempts based on a pre-developed strategy.


Employees come and go. By utilizing Clear Early Out, you can build upon your business without increasing fixed overhead costs. We work extended hours into the evenings as well as Saturdays, which are prime contact periods.


Leave this to us. Instead of having a limited staff to manage your billing and collections, you gain a team of highly experienced specialists dedicated to meeting your financial goals. We offer you continuous service with no sick days, vacation, or staff turnover concerns.


We make sure to follow all guidelines set by HIPAA, ensuring the integrity of your patient’s personal health information.


Our client’s Patient Account Managers and Directors will tell you:

  • Clear has developed a quality partnership with their department through an interactive team management approach. This enables us to respond quickly and effectively to their changing needs.
  • Clear has created techniques and implemented methodologies which have resulted in recovery rates that are among the highest in the industry.
  • Clear has developed the financial strength, technology, training, and management systems necessary to successfully manage your accounts. Clear is committed to devoting whatever resources are needed to maintain a successful long term relationship with each of our clients.
  • Clear fully subscribes to all federal, state, and local laws, and conducts itself accordingly.


The patient account representative must utilize non-alienating communication techniques to achieve payment. If the collection process makes an enemy of a patient, the payment is less likely to be collected.

When we contact your patient, it is as an advocate, not an adversary. If we feel that a patient’s insurance coverage has been wrongfully denied, we will act as a patient advocate to facilitate proper payment by the insurance carrier. If a patient is financially struggling, we will assist them with the completion of charity paperwork. Our goal is to help your patient get their bill paid without sacrificing the quality of service.

Our approach makes us ideal for handling patient-sensitive collection programs.

Our experience has taught us that by combining this approach with diligent, methodical follow-up, we have been able to consistently achieve some of the highest recovery rates in the industry, in a virtually complaint-free environment.

From our EOS staff to our executive management team, we are committed to providing you a level of service you not only expect but deserve.

Our employees have gained expertise and developed outstanding customer service skills through exceptional training programs and daily development by our management staff. We provide an ongoing commitment to developing our staff regardless of skill level.

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